Raum für drastische Maßnahmen e.V. is a project founded in spring 2011. We consider ourselves as mediators between the artistic idea and its realization and as a bridge between culture and everyday life. We offer artists the opportunity to showcase and share their work and enter into dialogue with the public.

By saying “drastic” [“drastisch”], we refer particularly to an essential openness. First of all, this affects our understanding of art itself, of its freedom to be abstract or concrete, meaningful or devoid of meaning. Openness also relates to a blurring of traditional boundaries between art forms and the breakdown of barriers between art and daily life. In accordance with these ideas, Raum für drastistische Maßnahmen wants to be a shared social space and a place of transcultural encounter and interaction.

We are: Saskia Bitsch, Daniel Franz, Regina Kelaita, Juana Anzellini, Julje Hart, Saskia Heim, Ana Baumgart, Lukas Cremer, Nikolas Claussen, Lukas Laucke