Anaïs Edely – Jägerporn

The exhibition showcases „Jägerporn”, a project that
Berlin-based designer Anaïs Edely completed as
artist-in-residence at Grafisch Atelier Daglicht and me-
tal-casting foundry Beeldenstorm in the Netherlands.

Each evening of the exhibition-week will give a space
to the three notions binding Anaïs Edely‘s body of work:
The Body, the Movement and the Gaze.

– Saturday 2nd of July – VERNISSAGE
The exhibition opens at 4:00 pm. 7:00 pm Vernissage.
8:30 pm Montreal-based drone, experimental techno
artist ti-hawk from the happymovie duo.

– Monday 4th – Dance
7:00 pm Gaga by Melanie Sorin. Come move from top
to down and back again. A body-journey for yourself,
altogether. 60min.

– Tuesday 5th – Performance
7:00 pm The Elderly by Mathilde Benignus. Open eyes
and ears. About old ladies and the fear of being forgot-
ten. 20min. Kirsch Likör im Anschluss.

– Wednesday 6th – Sketching
7:00 pm Sketching time by Anaïs Edely. Bring pen and
paper to play with ease and speed. 90min. Bar is open.

– Thursday 7th – Live Sketching
6:00 pm Carte Blanche für das Modell by Naïma Ferré.
Where movement and stillness follow a same inner fl ow,
let it rock on your sketchbook. 90min.

– Friday 8th – Closed

– Saturday 9th of July – FINISSAGE
7:00 pm Audio-visual dance improvisation. An interdici-
plinary performance with Dance (Naïma Ferré), Electro-
nics (Gösta Wellmer) and Live-Sketching (Anaïs Edely).
8:00pm Artist talk & Jägermeister Abschied.



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