Schlagwort-Archive: Research and Waves

3.2,y,1.5 Floating Points

Opening: Fri 06.10. 2017 – 07pm

Exhibition: 06.10. – 08.10.2017

Opening hours:
Fri 06.10. – 07pm with Timon Mürer and Juliana Lindenhofer
Sat 07.10. – 02 – 07pm | 7pm Salon with Paul Michael von Ganski Michael Rieken
Sun 08.10. – 02 – 06pm

Research and Waves is a curatorial art collective experimenting at the intersections of curatorial work and artistic production.

We examine the wave as a concept of constant movement, a shifting of modes and perspectives, that can almost universally be found and applied. Through different formats such as exhibitions, guest appearances or record releases we intend to highlight this idea of a continuing back-and-forth and explore its potential to create new and unforeseen connections. By looking at the wave not only as a way of approaching content and meaning, but also a mode of collaboration and production, we aim to develop a way of working that expands and questions common practices in the field of contemporary art and beyond.

For our second full-scale exhibition project we present a number of artworks, artefacts and events under the title [3.2,y,1.5] Floating Points at Raum für Drastische Maßnahmen in Berlin.

Halfway a retrospective effort, halfway a look into the future, the exhibition features work of previously and newly collaborating artists, as well as artefacts from our past appearances, including hints at projects to come.
By focussing on existing and new relationships with artists, as well as practitioners from other fields, we are looking to take the first steps in building a loose network of solidarity that enables alternative opportunities for curation, research and artistic production between all of its participants. Many of the contributions to the exhibition directly respond to, or complement, these efforts, not only through their themes and content, but also through their use of media, modes of presentation and contexts of production.

This includes a black book, a tutorial for a reverb, a video about water, multiple exhibitions on vinyl and text about them, a tea ceremony with gramophones, spoken text, a research tool, a new online service, a reproduced painting, an exhibition soundtrack, a tattoo and its blueprint.

Contributions by Hannes Deters, Paul Michael von Ganski / Michael Rieken, Sandra Hampe, Juliana Lindenhofer, Hannes Middelberg & Soe Sezuki, Timon Mürer, Sebastian Reuschel, Neda Saeedi and Ted


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