Sonntag, 10. Mai 2015 ab 17 Uhr

berta art raffle_titleDear Friends, ART and raffle lovers,
get ready for the 3rd Edition of the Berta ART Raffle. In this edition the works of five thrilling young contemporary artist will be presented (in alphabetical order):
Alana Richards, Flavita Banana | Ilustración, Georgina Espasa, Julia Wolf and Mouselephant.

Special guests: we’ll have the honour to have the marvellous Summer Banks as hostess of the night and our favourite band The V’s , winners of the #hardrockrising Berlin, will join us with an acoustic set.

In a one day exhibition the artists will have the chance, not only to show and promote their work, but to receive a monetary compensation to support their career and/or any project.

At the same time art lovers like YOU, will have the chance to:
◊ have an original art work at home (but you won’t know which one till that day!),
◊ while becoming not only sponsor of the artists, but this project itself: there will be also a small budget for covering the expanses of the organisation or to plan the next edition.

How does the ART Raffle works? There will be:
◊ 50 tickets
◊ 35€ each ticket
◊ 50 original art works

Through this calendar of raffles we intend to:
• bring together the artworks of relevant and emerging artists, from Berlin as well as the international scene, with a group of art lovers;
• stimulate the young public to start their own art collection;
• help fellow artists to promote their work, while giving them and their projects financial support.
To make it short: It’s a win-win-win situation.

◊ Because it is the only and first art raffle where EVERYONE wins ◊


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