11 Oct. 2012 19:00 till 14 Oct 2012

Vuka KwediniThis will be Mr Fuzzy Slipperz’ (South Africa) first show in Germany taking place at the Raum für drastische Maßnahmen, opening on the 11th of October, following his first solo show in Cape Town “Something has changed in me” (2010)

The title of the exhibition „Vuka kwedini“ means „wake up boy“ in his mother tongue Xhosa. The title and theme of this line of works seek to portray our different states of consciousness. Illustrating that though we are awake and seem present, our minds wander off to different internal realms and realities, as if our bodies were walking, talking shells and our minds a vast playground for imagination. Whether consciously or subconsciously, we are constantly playing out our ambitions, anxieties, memories, fears and aspirations and we are even able to deal with our troubles and love life this way. „Vuka kwedini“(wake up boy) is the voice that snaps us back into the real world, like a parent waking their child for school.


Lisolomzi Pikoli otherwise known as Mr Fuzzy Slipperz is an independent illustrator and artist from South Africa, currently residing in Johannesburg. He has been working as a freelance illustrator and artist for the last four years.
His works explore ideas around both, the dream state and outer body experiences through the theme of Fantastical Realism. His characters usually take a centre stage in his pieces and are guided by free forms, lines, shape, mark making and pattern work. All of those contribute to the prevailing story and theme behind his work. The characters are representations of future and present African people, weary and impatient with the new world we find ourselves in.

All works will be on sale.


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