Pharaz Azimi – Just take me, I wont resist

Pharaz Azimi

Just take me, i won´t resist

Vernissage: 17. November 2023 ab 19 Uhr

Ausstellung: 18. November – 2. Dezember 2023

Just take me, I won’t resist!

Will accept all your cookies!
Necessary, unnecessary!
Essentially non essentials!

Will reshare everything you post!
Will apply wherever is possible!
Will do whatever is available
Will buy ever affordable
Will take loan to be stable!

Sorry, may I take 5 min breaks?
I go back, I get it done,
Before & after taxes
Innocent antioxidants

Staked it!

Accepting offers, best offers, last minutes….

I do, i do, i do
Swear swear swear

I remember it plastically!
Everything you asked me for
Canada Pharmacy spams

Verify it!

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