Group show by KNOT artists collective

Opening: 8. November 2019 from 7 pm

Opening hours: Wed till Sun 4 – 7 pm

The exhibition will continue till 17. November 2019

“Metamorphosis is the result of a journey into unexplored horizons in which artists from all over the world have decided to leave their individual comfort zone for a joint adventure. Without a doubt, a passionate journey, which as happened to Ulises and his companions on their return to Ithaca, has allowed them to plough through the deep emotional seas of these 16 artists with the aim of showing, sharing, empowering and finally transforming the already known artistic languages of their works by other plastic expressions in which the concept of group acquires another, more powerful meaning with a form of identity of its own.
Metamorphosis is therefore the fruit of a unique and enriching experience that has allowed, on the one hand, to grow and evolve the individual work of 16 artists and on the other hand, to consider and reflect art as a universal language, as a form of expression that is globalized, supportive and free in which there are no borders and in which being, understood as a group, here, becomes a whole”
KNOT is an international group formed by about 18 artists focused on painting, photography, graphic art, sculpture etc but without ruling out other forms of expression.
For each exhibition we choose a theme to.
For our first exhibition in Berlin we have chosen, Metamorphosis.

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